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Tor Nursing Home

Site: 30 Corstorphine Road, Edinburgh
Classification: Care Home providing Nursing Care
Number of stories: Two
Number of bedrooms: 50
Owner: Tor Christian Nursing Home Ltd
Status: Private
Architect: Unknown
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View Tor Nursing Home

Tor Nursing Home: Appearance
Tor Nursing Home: Main entrance
Tor Nursing Home: Courtyard seating with view from conservatory
Tor Nursing Home: Overall courtyard style in age appropriate fittings
Tor Nursing Home: Bridge across courtyard
Tor Nursing Home: View of pond from bridge showing metalic floating balls
Tor Nursing Home: Elevation of cafe accessed both externally and internally
Tor Nursing Home: Cafe with ample natural daylight
Tor Nursing Home: Cafe and shop space
Tor Nursing Home: Artwork in Cafe space
Front door view of garden
Tor Nursing Home: Snug
Tor Nursing Home: View from garden snug with memorable cues
Tor Nursing Home: Seating area on garden route
Tor Nursing Home: Avairy and potting shed with new extension in sight
Tor Nursing Home: Link from indoor area to outdoor avairy
Tor Nursing Home: Entrance to potting shed from avairy
Tor Nursing Home: Entrance to potting shed

Detailed Information on Tor Nursing Home

Tor Nursing Home is located in an idyllic spot just off Corstorphine road in Edinburgh. Surrounded by Edwardian architecture the home sits high overlooking a magnificent mature garden. Tor is a Christian home which accommodates for up to 50 residents. A recent extension to the old building has created not only more rooms but a private and safe courtyard garden which can be accessed from the conservatory. The courtyard contains several areas of interest these include; a pond created with a wall which can be used for seating with a layer of planting to act as a passive barrier to direct water contact. The water reflects the surrounding plants and architecture whilst containing silver floating balls and water features which allow interaction. The highlight feature is small foot bridge which allows movement across the water, which contributes to a pleasant walking route. The courtyard also provides traditional age-appropriate fixtures and fittings, such as stylised wooden benches, a black lamppost and wall mounted light fittings.

Another area of interest is the café and shop located in the new glazed section of the extension, this allows an intermediary space between the private home and the public world. The space is flooded with natural light and warmth, and creates a place where the smell of coffee and ambience of chatting can be enjoyed by residents and visitors alike. The shop also provides an area for the community to interact with the home, providing an ever changing setting with the changing of seasons.

Tor also has additional features such as a potting shed and large aviary which become places where sensory experiences can be practised through the interaction of sound, sight and touch. The extended grounds provide a mature garden with large trees, ample planting, bird baths and seating in the form of benches and a small wooden snug, which provides privacy and shelter. All in all a garden to be enjoyed.