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How to use the website

The aim of the website is to take you on a journey through public and private spaces, stopping along the way to question and highlight particular points which may be relevant to someone with a cognitive/sensory impairments. It is impossible to cover all aspects of these impairments, but hopefully it will enable insight into particular aspects of design.

The journey is illustrated as a narrative of images and sounds that represent my familiar spaces. However, I would encourage you to imagine your own spaces, as these will differ either slightly or more significantly with changes in climate and/or culture. The important point is that we take a fresh approach to our everyday spaces.

The format of using this website is as follows: choose the relevant public or private space, look at the associated image(s) and ask yourself the corresponding questions. These have been written to help you consider these spaces from the perspective of someone with cognitive/sensory impairment. Further to these questions you will find a PDF factsheet available to download on each section or collectively in the other information section.

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