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Case Studies Intro

Throughout this project the importance of exploring case studies has become increasingly evident. I have found that examining the successes and failures of such buildings has drawn me closer in understanding the complex relationship between the components involved in creating inclusive design.

The examples chosen here have been selected primarily on location and function. I was interested to explore the wide range of facilities locally which exhibit an emphasis on dementia/cognitive issues in very different ways. Secondly, I believed that each project is exemplary in one way or another, and as such deserved to be shared. Below is a summary of what I believe are the highlights of each project.

Burnfield Care Home Got to gallery

Croftspar Place Got to gallery

Tor Nursing Home Got to gallery

McKillop Gardens Got to gallery

Iris Murdoch Building Got to gallery

Lastly, it is not the aim of this project to systematically audit each building, rather to highlight the achievements and at times, draw backs of each design. I hope that through this study, a dialogue will be established between designers around the world, as we all share our explorations of such buildings. If you are interested in sharing anything you may have experienced on the subject then please visit the ‘wandering spaces’ blog, found in the other information section of this website.